February 17 – March 1, 2020

15 thoughts on “Florida

    1. Agreed. If you only see one place in Florida, absolutely take a day (or more!) at Fort Pickens. Between the pristine beaches with hardly a soul on them, the multiple pieces of historic fort to explore, wildlife filled trails, and the beautiful and fishing-friendly bay side… there’s enough fun for a week or more!

      1. It sounds like we need to extend our trip to spend m ore time here! Thank you for your suggestions – sounds right up our alley!

    2. Sandra – love the idea of riding the Ferry – we love doing things like that and it sounds like it would be really neat! Thanks so much for the suggestions.

    3. Agree. And then drive the road down the ICW to see the white sand between pensacola and Navarre Beach and walk the LONGEST pier into the gulf of Mexico and get a photo off the end, my old office! LOL.

  1. Central Florida to see some of the old Florida take a 2 hour tour with captain Mike. With lazyrivercruises.com and there is a great Florida restaurant that he docks at called Stumpknockers. You will need to do the tour to find out what it means. Call well in advance as he gets booked days in advance.

    1. Mike – it sounds like we might need to give Captain Mike a call and also head to that stop at Stumpknockers! Thanks – Jim and Mary

  2. Try St. Augustine, the oldest city in America. From the fountain of youth to seeing your sister, what better time can you have???

  3. You picked a great month to come to Florida! The Strawberry festival in Plant City or at least Parkesdale Farmer’s market for some strawberry shortcake or shakes is a must do. All of the strawberries in the country come from Plant City during winter and early spring! Don’t miss seeing some of old Florida along the Gulf coast, it’s a whole different world away from the beaches and crowds. The Suwannee river and numerous freshwater springs are in that area, Manatee Springs is one we love because you can walk out to the river on a nice boardwalk, it’s a state park with camping and fantastic barbeque at the concession. Sanibel/Captiva area is another favorite, although busy that time of year it’s a nice island escape with unbelievable shelling. Anyplace you can get away from the usual tourist crowds you will find wonderful people and beautiful scenery and wildlife. Cedar Key is an island off the Gulf Coast, it’s a different coastal experience with marshes and bird sanctuaries. I believe there is camping in or near all of the places I mentioned. I’m a 5th generation native, I receive your emails and love what you do, have a great, safe time and I will look forward to following your journey!

    1. Thank you Patti for such detailed suggestions. We have spent a lot of time on the Gulf Coast as my parents lived in Ft. Myers for 15 years. But there are many places that you mentioned that we have never been to and sound intriguing. We love strawberries so that is perfect!!

  4. Just saw you guys today (02/29/2020) going North on 295 in Jacksonville, FL. Was intrigued by travel trailer so we looked you up. Hope you guys enjoy your journey. Safe travels!

    1. Thanks for looking us up! We are just wrapping up our 2 weeks in Florida and heading to Georgia for the week. 22 states, 174 days into the trip and we are loving every minute of it! Thanks for following our journey! Jim and Mary

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