Our Websites & Books

Whether it’s gardening, cooking, DIY, or slowing life down to travel the country and experience it all, we are in! Below is a look at our published websites & books we have created to inspire others who share our passion for simple living, growing great foot, preparing wonderful dishes, and seeing the world firsthand.

Here is to living your dreams, and following your passions! Jim and Mary

Our Websites


Our original website dedicated to simple living on our farm through DIY, Gardening, Cooking & Canning. Click Here To Visit : Old World Garden Farms


Recipes for simple everyday living. From Instant Pot & Air Fryer recipes, to traditional classics that put great food on the table with ease. Click Here To Visit : Make Your Meals


Our gardening site dedicated to those who love to grow! Filled with How-To advice on growing vegetables, flowers, shrubs, trees, houseplants & more! Click Here To Visit : This Is My Garden


Our newest website launched in 2019 – and dedicated to the stories of our 365 day journey to see all 50 states. Click Here To Visit : Live Simple Now

Our Books

Raised Row Gardening – 2018 Page Street Publishing

Our How-To garden book released in 2018 brings Raised Row Gardening to life! From gardening with no till, low-maintenance raised rows, to composting, companion planting and more, our Raised Row Gardening book is full of organic gardening advice. You can check out the book on Amazon here : Raised Row Gardening

Growing Simple – The Story Of Old World Garden Farms

Our very first book published in 2016, telling the story of creating our little farm from scratch through our shared love of Gardening, DIY, and a more simple life. You can check out the book here on Amazon : Growing Simple