December 30, 2019 – January 12, 2020

8 thoughts on “Texas

  1. San Marcos, home of the Texas State University, The San Marcos River(spring fed and begins here), and the biggest little town in Central Texas. We live 4 miles from the University in a semi secluded community(5 acre lots only and no HO to deal with). We are also built on the top of a solid rock rise. We cannot plant a garden or anything else on the property without bringing in trucks full of dirt. Gardening(3 years of trying)? Forget it unless we buy dirt. So we get very little recognition on how to survive in this semi-rural area. Would love to have you visit and see what that is like. Park on our 5 acre property, swim in our pool, eat out eggs and tell us how to continue here in our little heaven. Thank you

    1. That sounds like an amazing little place and love the fact that you keep on trying to garden! We would love to see it and spend some time talking about gardening with you! Jim and Mary

  2. If you go to San Marcos then just up the road is the tiny town of Wimberley, a little piece of heaven on earth. This past December we bought five acres in Rainbow Ranch off of RR12. We are in progress of preparing the property to build our dream home to retire to. Our plans include a mini-farm with enough to sustain two people, keep bees for pollination, use only rainwater harvest for our personal needs and irrigation, and solar power to stay off the grid as much as possible. We don’t have a garden yet but reading your newsletter has become part of our planning process and we would love to meet you.

  3. If passing through Amarillo, you might check out a few of these ideas: Cadillac Ranch, Palo Duro Canyon, The Big Texan Steakhouse, Panhandle Plains Museum (down the road in Canyon, TX) or the Midpoint Cafe (down I-40 near Adrian, TX) it’s the mid-point of Route 66 between Chicago and Santa Monica.

    1. Thank you so much for your suggestions while we visit Texas. It is such a large state that it will be hard to see everything, but Amarillo sounds interesting.

  4. It would be a shame when y’all visit Texas if you did not Visit San Antonio. Why?? Well of course there is the Alamo you got to see. Then there’s the famous River Walk. A ride on one of the barges will be a highlight of your visit. Other points of interest would be the Spanish Missions, The Tower of Americas, the Institute of Texan Cultures and The Buckhorn Saloon. San Antonio has a family owned coffee shop/restaurant chain called Jim’s I would recommend.

    1. We had the pleasure of making a day trip to San Antonio in January and absolutely loved it! We appreciate the suggestions as we only got to visit the Alamo and the Riverwalk. And we will definitely stop by Jim’s – that will be easy for us to remember!

  5. Eat at a Whataburger – Drink Dr Pepper (DP museum in Waco).
    You will find a Dairy Queen in just about every small town. 🙂
    Austin is, well, whimsical!
    Perot & 6th Floor Museums in Dallas
    Despite the perception, we don’t all ride horses or speak with a deep southern drawl. LOL
    Enjoy this great *big* state!

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