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Staying Safe While Camping – A Little Storm Scare On The Road! Day 125

Making sure we try our best to stay safe from severe weather was a top priority for us long before we ever left home back in September. In fact, it was the biggest factor as we planned our route and timing of our travels through each of the 50 states. We knew we needed to […]

Remembering The Day John F. Kennedy Was Assassinated, Day 124

November 22, 1963 – the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. A day which many remember as if it was yesterday. Although neither of us were born when this tragic event occurred, there was no question that we would make a visit to the area while we were in Dallas. Between the […]

A Visit And Tour Of Cowboys / ATT Stadium, A Wonder To Behold! Day 123

So even if you aren’t a Dallas Cowboys fan, or a football fan in general for that matter, you just can’t help but to still be impressed when you step inside of ATT Stadium in Arlington, Texas. As avid sports fans, both Mary and I have been to quite a few stadiums and sports facilities […]

The Unique Things That You Can Find In Fort Worth, Texas – Day 122

When we planned to spend the day in Fort Worth, we had no idea of all the unique things that we would see. Based on the recommendations from our friends, family, and followers, we headed to the historic Stockyard district. Neither of us had been to the area before and neither of us knew what […]

The Best Part Of Our Trip – The Friends We Meet & Make Along The Way! Day 121

There is nothing better than making and meeting new friends, or reconnecting with old ones! This amazing journey has taken us to some beautiful places in our first 121 days on the road. Soaring views from mountain tops, surreal ocean views, and more man-made & natural wonders that we ever knew could exist. But nothing, […]

Space Center Houston & NASA Johnson Space Center, Day 120

The Space Center Houston and NASA Johnson Space Center are the largest tourist attractions in the greater Houston area. And with good reason! Not only is this the location of significant American and International history. It also serves as a learning and exploration center for the public to enjoy. So with one full day in […]

A Visit To Galveston – Texas’s Island City On The Gulf Coast – Day 119

Although we have both been to Texas a few times before this trip, one city we had never before ventured to was Galveston, Texas’s Island City on the Gulf Coast. But wow did we ever pick a great day to take this bustling city in! Not only were there blue skies all around, the temperatures […]

Austin Coffee Shops – Where Everyone Is Welcome, Day 118

When in Austin, you must take the time out of your day and go to a coffee shop. And by coffee shop, I don’t want you to picture the traditional Starbucks store that you see on every corner in almost every city. Just like almost all things in Austin, their coffee shops are unique. And […]

The Buc-ee’s Experience – Everything Really Is Bigger In Texas! Day 117

If you have ever driven in the state of Texas, then you probably know of the ginormous convenience stores that go by the name of Buc-ee’s. (pronounced bucky’s) If you talk to anyone from Texas about spending time in Texas, they will almost always ask if you stopped at a Buc-ee’s. In fact, several folks […]

A Visit To The San Antonio Riverwalk And The Alamo, Day 116

Today we had opportunity to spend a little time in San Antonio, Texas. And no stop in San Antonio would be complete without a visit to both The River Walk and The Alamo. The San Antonio River Walk Because it was getting close to lunch time, we decided that we would first head to the […]