Month: February 2020

Ending Florida With An Amazing Stay At Sunkissed Village RV Resort – Day 174

Our two weeks of traveling through Florida is coming to an end, but we certainly went out in style with a wonderful stay at the new Sunkissed Village RV Resort in Summerfield, Florida. A few months back, the owner of the new facility found out about our trip, and graciously asked if we might try […]

Mount Dora – A Historic Town That is Truly “Someplace Special”, Day 173

Today, based on a recommendation of a restaurant manager that we met in Apollo Beach, we traveled to Mount Dora, Florida. Neither of us had ever heard of the town, and he encouraged us to spend some time exploring the area. So after a morning bike ride at our campground at Sunkissed Village RV Resort, […]

A Florida Farmer’s Market Visit Leads To An Incredible Campsite Dinner! Day 172

There is nothing quite like a visit to a bustling farmers market to inspire a delicious home-cooked meal. Especially when you’ve been away from your own home-grown produce for 6 months! When back on our little 3 acre Ohio farm, we grow most of our food. And do we ever miss the taste of our […]

A Free Manatee Viewing Center at Big Bend Power Station, Day 171

Today we took a trip, a little off the beaten path, and ended up at a Manatee Viewing Center in Apollo Beach, Florida. However, it wasn’t at your typical exhibit in an aquarium or zoo. In fact, you might be totally shocked at where we ended up seeing them. We found this manatee viewing center […]

6 Things To Look For When Trying To Find The Best Campground Site – Day 170

So what are the things you should look for most when trying to find the best campground sites? Being on the road for what is now our 170th straight day, we have had the pleasure of staying at a myriad of campground sites. Most have been more than wonderful, while a few have certainly been […]

A Tasty Trip To Sun Harvest Citrus in Ft. Myers, Day 169

No trip to Ft. Meyers would be complete without a stop to Sun Harvest Citrus. Once you step inside the green colored packing warehouse you will be amazed at what you can find. First you will come across a variety of citrus jams and jellies on shelves that line the main entrance aisle. And if […]

Visiting Friends And Family & Florida – One Great Week For Sure! Day 168

When you have been on the road for nearly 6 months, it’s always exciting to have the opportunity to visit with family and friends that live along our path around the country. And did we ever get the chance to do exactly that over the course of our last 5 days in Florida! We have […]

Move over Mardi Gras, It’s Gasparilla Season in Tampa! Day 167

When we arrived in Tampa, we had no idea what Gasparilla meant. In fact, it wasn’t until we asked someone why traffic was bad around the downtown area that we first heard “It’s Gasparilla season”. After traveling through the gulf coast areas, we became well aware that Mardi Gras is not an event, it is […]

We Are On A Quest To Find Our First Florida Alligator, Day 166

This may sound a little strange, but we are on the search to see our first Florida Alligator. Over the past several days, on our drive through the Florida Panhandle, we would catch ourselves peering out the windows more than normal. Of course, this is in the off-chance of seeing an alligator in the swamp […]

Off Grid Living With Solar Power, How Our Dual Powered Camper Works – Day 165

The dual power capabilities of our T@B 400 nuCamp camper have been nothing short of a life saver on this trip. In fact, they have really made road life unbelievably easy. That was never more evident over the course of the last four days, as we made our way across the panhandle of Florida – […]