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Keeping Social Etiquette Alive – Bringing Back a Lost Art

Yes sir. No ma’am. Please and thank you. Social etiquette is a lost art, but there is still time to revive and save it. Back in the day, manners were something people took pride in and made it a point to be respectful. However, in today’s society, this seems to be fading.

We now live in a generation where using proper manners is rare. However, the lack of respectful gestures does not have to continue.

Social etiquette brings value not only to yourself and your children, but also to society as a whole

The atmosphere of respect is contagious. Using manners brings out the best of everybody and shows a sign of respect for others. If you want to help bring back this lost art – give these tips a try!

social etiquette
Basic social etiquette goes a long way. Using your manners is a key factor in showing respect and a handshake is always a great place to start.

Why Manners Matter

Saying please and thank you used to be the standard. Today, these phrases are dwindling. However, practicing social etiquette is still important. 

The little things in life add up. Small gestures of respect such as using terms of endearment such as “ma’am” and “sir” go a long way.

While they are subtle gestures, they can completely make a difference in not only how you appear to others, but it can also make a difference in how others feel. Additionally, saying please and thank you is an easy way to show your gratitude towards somebody.

Many times we go through the motions throughout the day, not thinking about our actions. However, if you give a concerted effort with using your manners throughout the day, they will simply become habit.  

Since manners are so rare, using them will make you stand out among your peers. You will appear as a kind, respectable person and will bring joy to others.

The smallest gestures can mean the most and using your manners it’s a great way to do it. Use these terms and watch the smile on somebody’s face grow! 

respect elders
Teaching your children to show respect to elders is always a winning situation. Try out these tips!

How to Teach Social Etiquette 

Since this is a lost art, it might be difficult to try to teach social etiquette. Social etiquette however, can be learned, especially by practice and being an example for others.

You learn social etiquette just as you learn anything else – practice! If you want to get good at something, you have to make sure you do it.

Additionally, If you want to teach this to your children, you must make sure they do it every time. If somebody does something for them, make sure they say “thank you”.

Remember back in the day when parents always used to say, “Now, what do you say?” after somebody did something for their child? This reinforcement works! 

Constant reinforcement is key to encouraging social etiquette. Never let a moment go by where you do not say “please” or “thank you”.

Additionally, another tip is to always address elders as sir and ma’am. When you were talking with somebody older than you that you know, be sure to use the proper pronoun, such as Mr. and Mrs. 

These titles signify your respect for them as your elders and that you embrace social etiquette. Use them long enough and they will become a habit! 

Say please
Saying “please” and “thank you” will always be a way to stand out. Furthermore, these long lost terms will always stand the test of time.

Social Gestures that Signify Respect

Not only does spoken word help signify social etiquette, but also there is another piece. If you truly want to show respect and stand out, you need to add in physical gestures as well.

Simple actions such as a firm handshake and looking somebody in the eye can help signify respect. 

A good handshake can make or break a job interview, a relationship, or a partnership. Ensure you give a firm handshake, palm-to-palm, and look somebody in the eye.

Looking somebody in the eye shows that you have the confidence in what you’re saying and are giving the other person the respect they deserve.

If you can nail this piece down it will help you so much in life. Eye contact and a simple handshake are at the forefront of business and relationships. Get these right and your life will be a lot easier! 

social etiquette pulling out chair
Pulling out the seat for your date is a great way to show social etiquette. Additionally, it will help show you are mannered.

Physical Gestures for Social Etiquette

The final way to show your social etiquette is to do things for others. Simply hold the door open for others, give up your seat for a pregnant woman or elderly man, and pull out the seat for your date. This is one of the best gifts you can give.

Furthermore, these small, yet mighty gestures will help show respect and give you (or your children), a leg up! Respect is earned, not given. In order to get the respect, you must give it first.

Additionally, use your social etiquette to spread respect to others and set an example for how to treat your neighbor. The best part of doing these gestures is the reward you feel after.

By going the extra mile, you will see others smile. You will see the mood of the room change, and you will stand out above your peers as a person with integrity.

Social etiquette does not have to be lost! Keep practicing the art and spread it throughout the world. If one person hears you saying “yes please” or sees you hold the door for others, hopefully they will pass it on.

Never forget – one small gesture, even a simple smile to a stranger can make all the difference in the world.

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