gift of time

The Best Gift To Give – The Gift of Time, NOT Material Possessions!

Giving the gift of your time is the most precious thing that you can give. Most people, when they think of what to give someone on a special day, they think of something that you can touch and feel. However, the most valuable gift you can ever give somebody is the gift of your time.

When you think about it, we only have a certain amount of time on this earth. Depending on where you are you at in your stage of life, you might think about it little or quite often.

If you are somebody who is younger this is likely something that doesn’t even cross your mind. On the other hand, if you are creeping into your later years, it might be at the forefront of everything you think about.

Life goes by fast and it can quickly get away from you. Most people think that they will have plenty of time to do what they want in life.

However, this may not be the case if you don’t use it wisely. Your time is valuable, so make sure you protect it and give enough of it it to those who you love.

gift of time
Throughout your life, time is your most valuable asset. Cherish it and make sure to soak up every second!

Why Time is So Valuable 

Time is more valuable than any gift, diamond, or luxury item on the planet. There will always be more gifts, more diamonds, and more luxury items manufactured that can be purchased.

However, your time in life is limited. That is why you need to spend it wisely. We all have the same 24 hours in a day.

The way that each of us spend that time is drastically different. However, the one thing we all have in common is that once a day is gone, we can never get it back.

Time is a non-renewable resource that is often taken for granted. Because it doesn’t normally feel like we are running out of it, we take our time for granted.

Often times until a life-changing event impacts us, we spend our time worrying about things we never should. We stress about the next election, about grocery and gas prices, and about what our neighbor thinks of our fresh cut grass. 

time is greater than money
Time is more valuable than any gift or luxury. Take the time to give the gift of time to others and they will be forever grateful!

These seemingly large issues that occur in the moment are quickly put into perspective when our time become scarce. As we enter into adulthood, our free time becomes more and more limited.

Jobs, children, marriage, and trying to maintain some sort of social life becomes so much to juggle. However, this is why time is so valuable.

We All Have A Limited Amount Of Time

When you can give the gift of time, you are giving a precious resource. Every moment that we have is a gift.

Since our time is a non-renewable resource, the gift of time is invaluable. When somebody sits down with you only to share their time be grateful. And when you are searching for the perfect gift to give somebody, give them dedicated, uninterrupted time.

The Challenge of Today

In today’s era where there are a multitude of distractions, having somebody’s undivided attention is rare. Cherish it!

Every day we make over 35,000 decisions. Each one of these decisions causes fatigue and takes up time in our lives. Additionally, we have more distractions in our lives than ever before.

quality time
Phones cause never ending distractions for us. Try putting them down and spending quality time with your partner!

The value of your time is so much higher because we have less of it. The gift of time is precious because it is so rare to get somebody’s full attention.

If somebody gives you their undivided attention, be sure to be grateful for it. They could have given you a physical gift for you to unwrap, but decided instead that the time spent together was worth giving to you.

Cherish this time and you will be forever grateful. 

Make Memories Through the Gift of Time

One of the greatest life lessons to arise out of the 21st-century is generations valuing memories over things. 

Through the gift of time, you can make memories that last a lifetime. On the other hand, if you give me a gift, it can break by tomorrow.

Memories stay with you, they bring you joy, and the shared experience brings you closer to each other. The gift of time creates memories. When you spend time with somebody else doing something you love, you make memories.

Sometimes the memories are good, and sometimes they are lessons learned. But at the end of the day, you will never look back and wish you had a fancier car or a bigger diamond ring. Time with friends and family is what you want.

gift of time for adventures
Sharing your time with another person is a great way to make life long memories!

At the end of your life, the only thing you will wish you had is more quality time spent with others. This is why you should spend your time making and sharing memories with those who you love. The time you spend with them means the most.

Throughout different stages in your life, people will come and go. However, the memories will last forever. Cemented in history through the gift of time, you can replay those memories forever.

Make the memories. Go on adventures and try new things. Spend time with those you love. Give the gift of time sitting and chatting with your parents, children, siblings, and friends and reap the benefits before it is too late.

Play the Long Game by Giving the Gift of Time

When it comes to your last days on earth, you are going to want to look back and know you spent them well? How do you want to spend your time? How do you want to give your time?

Giving your time to others is a gift. And receiving quality time from others is a gift that we would all love to have.

Give your time freely to those you love. Material gifts can be much appreciated and well loved. However, if you really want to give somebody something special, give them the gift of your time.

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