save money at the grocery

How to Save Money at the Grocery Store – 5 Easy Money Saving Tips!

With ever rising grocery prices it might be time to look into some money saving tips for when you visit the grocery. Knowing how to save money at the grocery store can you potentially put hundreds of dollars back in your pocket each month.

It can be difficult to find ways to cut back at the grocery store. Food is both fuel and for enjoyment, and we don’t want to feel like we’re sacrificing by pinching pennies.

However, with these money saving tips you will be on your way to having delicious food at a great price. Furthermore, you will have that extra cash to put towards other necessary or pleasure items.

save money at the grocery
Save money at the grocery by following these tips. You will be surprised by how much money you can save with these tips.

Top 5 Money Saving Tips

1. Make a List & Stick to It 

Have you ever gone to the grocery and bought some thing you didn’t need? You bring home another jar of peanut butter just to find a full one at home.

If you are buying more than you need you will not be able to save money at the grocery. Therefore, every time you plan a trip to the grocery store, make a list.

Review what you have in the fridge and pantry before you go. Write the items you need down and stick to it.

Do not be tempted by the marketing tricks that try to steal your money. You know exactly what I am talking about – the cookies at the checkout counter and the candy on the end caps. 

Leave them alone! 

grocery list
Use the same list on your phone each time you go to the grocery store to save time on making a list.

If you want to save money at the grocery you need to make a list. A great money saving tip to ensure you do not lose your list is to make a reoccurring list on your phone.

Everybody brings their phone with them to the grocery. This is the perfect opportunity to create a checklist that you carry with you every time that you walk inside the store.

If you aren’t quite used to using technology to help you with your list, then take a paper list or a small Memo Notebook with you.

If you are afraid that you will forget to take the list to the grocery, take a picture of it on your cell phone. That way you can always use a list to save money.

2. Use a Rewards Card

Almost every single grocery store has a rewards card that you can use. Sign up for these!

You will quickly realize how much money they save you each week. Often times, items are on sale only if you have a rewards card.

Grocery stores do this to incentivize you to use their cards. This is a great win-win situation and you need to take advantage of it if you want to save money at the grocery.

Additionally, if your grocery store has a gas station you can often earn points towards money off gas as well. This compounded savings will allow you to put money back in your pocket.

shop on sale - money saving tips
Shop for items on sale and you can save 10-30 dollars each grocery trip!

3. Save Money at the Grocery by Looking for Sales 

If you want to save money at the grocery store then you need to look for sales. Grocery stores put items on sale because they are running a promotion or items are getting close to their expiration date.

Look through the advertisements and see what is on sale. Although, be careful to look at when the promotional prices begin as ads typically come out a few days before the lower prices actually get changed.

However, if you want to save even more money, look for coupons for items that you typically use. Clip these coupons and save them in an envelope. Or download digital coupons on your rewards card and they will immediately apply the discount at checkout.

Additionally, when you are at the store, look for those ‘bargain bin’ areas. You can find them in various sections of the store, including the more expensive meat department.

Although these prices aren’t advertised, the stores will lower the cost of fresh meat when the ‘use by date’ is within a day or two. If the type of meat is on your list, save yourself a few dollars and pick up the nearly expired packages, even if they contain more meat than what you were planning to purchase.

Then go home and cook this meat for dinner and save it for leftovers throughout the week. Or once you get home, use a Food Saver and freeze portions of the meat for use at a later time. This money saving tip can add up to hundreds of dollars worth of savings over a year’s time.

Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Utilize these sales to keep your hard earned money.

4. Buy in Bulk

If you are looking to save money at the grocery, then there’s no better place to look than buying in bulk. This time tested trick allows you to save money on things that you buy and use consistently.

Do you and your family eat rice or cans of beans every week? Buy the 5 pound bag of rice and the 10 pack of cans. Or take it one step further and save money by switching those cans of beans to dried beans.

Additionally, look for home goods that you use often as well. Buy paper towels, toilet paper, and deodorant in bulk.

money saving tips by buying in bulk
Head over to the bulk food section and save money on your groceries.

These items you know you will always use and they will not go bad. Save money by buying them in larger quantities, especially if they are on sale.

However, do not let this money saving tip work against you. Only buy things in bulk that you will use before the expiration date.

The risk you run when you buy things in bulk is that you will not use the food before it goes bad. Buy items that are non-perishable or that you know you are going to eat within that time frame.

If you stick to these rules you will be on your way to saving money at the grocery. However, there is one more important rule to follow.

5. Don’t Shop When Hungry

Shopping when hungry is dangerous. Going into the grocery store on an empty stomach it’s like going into a jewelry store after you’ve won the lottery.

You will spend money! 

It is natural human tendency to want sugary and fattening foods when we are hungry. Our bodies are drawn to the instant gratification and satisfaction we feel when we eat these foods. 

However, if you want to save money at the grocery and maintain a healthy life, do not shop when hungry.

You will be tempted to eat bad food and buy extra because of your mental state. On the other hand, if you go into the grocery store on a full stomach you will make better choices.

Before your next grocery trip, eat some food so you don’t make spontaneous, and unnecessary purchases.

couple eating chips in the middle of the grocery store aisle
Don’t catch yourself like this in the grocery store! Come in with a full stomach and a list to avoid buying food you do not need.

Save Money at the Grocery with These Tips!

Going to the grocery does not have to be expensive. Although it takes a little planning, if you can look out for a few pitfalls and be proactive, you can save money.

Make sure to make a list and stick to it. Save it on your phone and use it each week. Sign up for a rewards card and save money on both groceries and gas. Look for sales and coupons, buy in bulk, and never shop when you are hungry!

Follow these money saving tips and your future self and bank account will thank you.

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