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How We Set Up Camp Each Day In Our T@B 400 Camper – (With Video) Day 16

When you are traveling to all 50 states in a single year, and 48 of them are via a teardrop camper, learning how to set up camp quickly becomes a big part of your life.

And that is just one of the reasons we absolutely love our nuCamp T@B 400 Teardrop.

In the first 3 weeks on the road, we have found ourselves in a lot of different camping situations.

Some nights, we are completely off-grid at a remote location. In the camping world, it is known as Boondocking. And with the solar power of the camper providing all the power we need, we actually love it the most.

Boondocking at lake Little Moreau

There is no hooking up at all, just unhitching and enjoying the views! Just last Saturday, it allowed us to enjoy an incredible evening at lake Little Moreau. (see Camping Off Grid At Little Moreau)

But we also stay at campgrounds quite a bit too, with access to full hook-ups for water, electricity and sewer. And setting up camp is of course, our very first task of the night.

Just How Do You Set Up Camp With Your T@B 400?

Lately, we have been getting quite a few questions about our T@B 400 camper, and more specifically, asking just how easy it is to set up every time we pull into a campground.

So we thought we would show you with a few videos in today’s article just how simple it is. Believe it or not, it only takes us about 5 minutes to go from pulling in, to completely set up.

setting up camp
The hook-ups are all quite easy to get to on our T@B 400.

Mary and I have developed a pretty good little system between us.

My job is to handle unhitching and leveling, while Mary opens up the camper and hooks up the electric and water. Usually by the time we have done each, we plug in our sewer line hook up together – and that’s it!

So here is a look at today’s set up for each segment. Somehow, (because she is much smarter than me) Mary talked me into doing the set-up while she shot the video. Only after finishing up did I realize it. Yep, smart woman. 🙂

How We Set Up Our Tab 400 Teardrop At A Campground

We got into our campground in late afternoon, and it was a perfect time to shoot a few videos of each phase of setting up.

Our home for the night is Hillcrest Acres in Bismarck, North Dakota. Which is one of THE nicest campgrounds we have stayed in to date.

A quick set-up means more time to enjoy things like a campfire!

And quite honestly, we have been really fortunate to have stayed in really great ones all along the way so far – but this one is super clean, friendly, and with great hook up options.

So here is a look, step by step, at our 5 minute set-up of the camper.

Step 1 – Unhooking and Leveling

Step 2 – Hooking Up Electric Service

Now on to the water and sewer to finish setting up camp.

Step 3 – Hooking Up Water

Step 4 – Hooking Up Sewer

So there you have it! As you can see, there isn’t much to it at all, and it really makes traveling so much more enjoyable! Happy Traveling – Jim and Mary.

About Our Living Simple Tour

On September 9th, 2019, we set out in our NuCamp T@B 400 Teardrop Camper to travel to every state. You can check out all of our dates here : Dates for the States

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  • Day 16 of 365
  • States Visited 3 / 50
  • Stayed In : Bismarck, North Dakota
  • Miles Driven : 31
  • Total Trip Miles To Date : 2541
  • Total Gallons Used : 188.22
  • Biking Miles : 16.2
  • Biking Miles To Date : 71.3
  • Hiking Miles : 2.5
  • Hiking Miles To Date : 35.75

Pat Heinzman

Thursday 26th of September 2019

I see you took a dutch oven with you. I would be very interested in what meals you have done or plan to do in the dutch oven. We frequently cook in ours also and are very interested in any tips/tricks you might have up your sleeves. Thanks and safe travels. By the way, I live just about 12-15 miles down the road from you in Zanesville and love driving by your place.


Wednesday 2nd of October 2019

Hi Pat We have only used it a few times so far but our favorite things to make are soups (especially chili) and roasted chicken.