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How A Bucket List Can Truly Change Your Life & Why Everyone Needs One!

Some people think that a bucket list is only for those who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. When you are giving a limited timeframe of your remaining life, you try to get everything that you have ever wanted to do before it is too late.

However, life is full of interesting dichotomies. While in some ways it feels like life is short, in other ways we have all think we have plenty of time to get things done.

However, we all need to prioritize this time in order to do the things that we want in life, before it is actually too late. And one way to do this is to create a bucket list of things to keep you focused.

bucket list
Creating a bucket list is a great way to organize your life goals and set your eyes on something great.

The purpose of a bucket list is to capture all of the things that you want to do in life before you “kick the bucket”. This list is something that can help you in many ways.

For some, it is done near the end of life to try to knock off as many meaningful items as possible. For others, it can be a guiding compass for how they want to live the rest of their life.

However, we all should create this list sooner than later. Check out the following tips for why you should create a bucket list and how to do it.

Using a Bucket List for Goal Setting

When you were striving to accomplish anything in life it is important to have a goal. But just not a random goal, you need to establish S.M.A.R.T goals.

This acronym stands for goal that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound.

When creating a bucket list it is important that you make goals that have a specific plan so that you can accomplish your dreams. Therefore, use the S.M.A.R.T. theory to create your bucket list plan.

When you sit down to think of all the things you want to accomplish in life, it can quickly seem overwhelming. There never seems to be enough time, enough money, or you just don’t know where to get started.

However, if you can set a smart goal based off your bucket list you will be much closer to actually accomplishing it. So how do you do this?

Here is an example: 

Say that one of your goals in life is to summit a mountain. It is something you’ve always dreamed of and you want to be able to do it. Here is how you would set a smart goal:

“I want to summit Mt. Adam’s (specific/attainable) in under 12 hours (measurable/realistic) by the time I am 45 years old (time bound).”

climbing a mountain
Life is about the climb! Even if it takes years, the journey is worth it.

You now have a goal to work towards! This now sets into action a plan for you to be able to accomplish this goal.

First start planning what you need to do now in order to accomplish this. Obviously you need to have the physical stamina to climb a mount so develop a specific workout regimen.

Next, map out the route you are going to take and find a guide who can lead you. Finally, develop a budget so that you can save money to accomplish this.

Furthermore, if this is one of your biggest goals, make sure to prioritize it. In fact, other goals in life might have to go on the back burner while you focus on this one bucket list item.

Set a S.M.A.R.T. goal and stick to it until you accomplish it.

A Bucket List Provides Hope

In life, we all need something to look forward to. The monotonous routine of every day life can be difficult and tiring.

This tiring routine sucks the life out of you and can be exhausting. However, if you create a bucket list, it can give you hope.

A bucket list can give you hope for a better life, a more adventurous life, and allow you to have something to look forward to.

A bucket list is a beacon for hope. It creates vision and pushes you to do more.

Additionally, a bucket list helps you keep an optimistic attitude. If you know what you are working towards is something that you have always dreamed of then you are more willing to do it.

bucket list inspires hope
Hope is fundamental to human existence. Use your bucket list to inspire hope in yourself!

When there is light at the end of the tunnel, you can keep pushing. Keep moving forward. Keep striving towards your goals.

A bucket list may be exactly what you need to get you out of a funk. If you want to have something to look forward to and strive towards, a bucket list can help.

Create goals and strive for them. Focus on them and you will get results.

Furthermore, the more effort you put into them the more hope you will have. The more you will have to look forward to and have something exciting on the horizon.

Live is Short – Live it!

Life is short. It goes very quickly and it often feels like we can’t do anything to slow it down. One day turns into the next and all the weeks begin to blur together.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. By using a bucket list you can set yourself up to go from one dream adventure to the next.

While there will always be stress in life around bills, paying for education, or setting aside money for retirement, you only have one life.

Given life is short, you need to live it up! Life goes by fast, so make every second count.

You have one shot at this, so you have to make the most of it. Whatever stage of life you are in, it will only happen once.

Take advantage of the time that you have now, because you will never get it back. Time is your most valuable resource and it is the greatest assets you need to protect. 

Use a bucket list to organize your time and dreams. Make sure that you are setting yourself up for the future while also not forgetting to live in the present.

You will be amazed with how fast life goes. Don’t let a moment slip away and continue to embrace all the life has to offer.

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