Sunday supper

Bring Back Sunday Supper – The Importance of Family Dinner Time

Getting together and eating a family dinner is a precious gift. We all cherish spending quality time with our family, especially at Sunday supper. This time together improves your family dynamic and sets the stage for the upcoming week.

Today, people are busier than ever. We run from one life event to the next with little thought of ever sitting down to eat together.

Nowadays, dinners are eaten on the go, while scrolling on social media, or at completely separate times from each other. 

While sometimes this is the nature of life, you can drastically change your family dynamic by intentionally setting aside time for a family dinner.

Sunday supper, an age old tradition of eating a family meal on Sunday, is extremely beneficial for you. The uninterrupted time and quality conversations allows for growth between the family members.

sunday supper
Taking the time to sit down with the family is priceless. Additionally, it gives you the chance to connect with multiple generations!

The History of Sunday Supper

Getting together as a family and eating a family dinner is not a new concept. In fact, Sunday supper goes back centuries in the making.

The Sunday supper, or Sunday roast, has its origins in the United Kingdom. This post church meal was celebrated as a time to get together with the family as a unit. 

This time is used to bring multiple generations together to celebrate life and family. Over good food and wonderful conversation, the family bonds became stronger as people would share stories and struggles.

This concept has begun to fade to only Christmas and Thanksgiving. However, family dinner can become a weekly tradition again!

The joy of bringing together and talking with family members is amazing. The time to converse and help each other out is invaluable.

The generations of the past consistently had this tradition in place. This is your time to bring back this lost tradition.

Make the Sunday supper a staple in your household. You will quickly reap the benefits and notice how your family will thrive with the change.

family dinner laughing
Laughing with family is a great way to strengthen your bond with them.

How To Make The Most of a Family DinnerĀ 

1. Sunday Supper Encourages Open Dialogue

One of the main benefits of a family dinner is that it encourages an open dialogue. It is rare for an entire family to be together doing the same thing. When everybody sits down at the dinner table together, it is a sacred moment for everybody to enjoy.

Times like these are rare. Make the most of them! Often times, you will notice that as the dinner goes on the more the family will talk.

In fact, what is likely to happen is that after dinner everyone will sit around and continue to talk. This dialogue is when you can learn the most about your family members.

Listen to your children and learn about their day, their dreams, and how you can help support them. Listen to your grandparents and the stories they have to tell. The wisdom they hold is invaluable.

Pay attention to what your parents are saying – they have already seen so much in life and you can learn things that you never knew. Additionally, do not take these moments for granted.

Sunday suppers and family dinners are memories that will last a lifetime. Cherish the laughs, embrace the tough conversations, and grow together as a family! 

no phones at Sunday supper
When you have no phones at the dinner table you are able to truly enjoy the moment. Give it a try!

2. No Phones at the Dinner Table

One of the best parts of family dinners is the quality time spent together. However, this time can only be well spent if everyone is present.

Not only physically present, but mentally there. No phones, no distractions. There must be 100% attention to the people in the room.

Make sure to implement a no phones rule in order to get the most out of Sunday supper. Do not waiver. Ensure no devices are present and your dinner will be better.

Additionally, your conversations will be richer. You can listen more. You can engage deeper. Furthermore, you can truly enjoy the moment.

Have the entire family put their devices in a different room. Keep the dining room or kitchen table only for eating and conversing.

Family dinners should be the only thing that takes place when Sunday supper commences. Make this moment special for you and your family by keeping phones out of the dinner table, and silenced in the other room.

healthy family dinner
Add in veggies for a healthy family dinner. Additionally, try to educate children about the importance of eating healthy.

3. Instill Healthy Eating Habits

A hidden benefit of Sunday supper is the ability to teach your children about proper nutrition. Family dinners can be full of healthy food if you choose.

Since you are the one who controls the menu, make it something delicious, but also healthy. Additionally, use the time to educate your children on healthy habits.

Teach them about portion sizes, the importance of vegetables and greens, and educate them on how to get the proper amount of protein in the day. All of these can be taught naturally over Sunday supper!

Furthermore, let them help pick out a few food options that you give them and have them help you prepare the meal. Find a healthy dish that the kids love and that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

The extra time spent with you in the kitchen while you prepare the meal is an added bonus!

Family Dinner – Time to Bring Them Back!

Although it may seem difficult, try to limit on the go dinners. Additionally try to prevent drive through stops, especially on Sunday. Dedicate at least one day a week to strengthening your family bond with an uninterrupted family dinner.

Family is the most important gift you ever get in life. Cherish the moments by eliminating phones at the dinner table. Create an atmosphere of open dialogue and instill life long eating habits through Sunday supper.

Find the joy in the time spent with each other and watch your family unit grow!

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