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The Importance of Date Night – How to Your Keep Romance Alive

In any relationship it is easy to sit back and forget how to keep romance alive. We get so busy with our lives that we forget the importance of date night. 

For example, remember back in high school when you used to get so excited to go on a date with your partner? The butterflies, the nervousness, and the awesome feeling you had at the end of the night.

As we move into long-term relationships we forget the importance of date night. However, if you want to keep romance alive in your relationship you need to continue to “date” your partner.

wine glasses clinking over a shared dinner to keep romance alive
Keep your romance alive by having intentional date nights with your partner.

Keep Romance Alive by Dating

The importance of dating cannot be overstated. Showing love for your partner becomes very difficult as the relationship grows on.

Job obligations, family events, and side hobbies take up time they could be spent with your partner.

This is why it is so important to have date night. When you continue to set aside time to only focus on your partner, your relationship grows stronger.

Furthermore, we forget completely what it is like to take our partner out on a date. 

Spouses love to feel valued and appreciated. One of the best ways to do this is for you to plan a night out together.

champagne glasses celebrating the importance of date night
Date night is the time to celebrate the time you can spend one on one with your partner.

Having a night for just the two of you can truly help keep your romance alive. It could be anything from dinner and a movie, doing your favorite outdoor activity together, or anything else that is special in your relationship.

The important part is you set aside the time to spend it together. The importance of date night is not the actual act of going on the date, but rather the time you spend together.

Dating your partner is crucial to keep your fire burning. Furthermore, dating your partner will bring you closer together and foster your relationship to new levels.

Set aside this time and you will thank yourself later!

2/2/2 Rule: Importance of Date Night

In order to make sure date night stays important, you need structure. Create a cadence for you to go on your dates. Find what works for you and continue to execute on it.

One helpful framework is the 2/2/2 Rule for keeping the importance of date night. 

This rule states that every 2 weeks you go on a date, every 2 months you go on a weekend trip with your partner, and every 2 years you go on a one week getaway together.

If you go on a date every two weeks, you will be on your way towards a healthier relationship. If you want to keep your romance alive, you have to make time to date your partner.

Furthermore, go on a weekend trip every two months. Now, this doesn’t have to be a crazy weekend where you spend a lot of money.

couple keeping romance alive by hiking
Use a weekend get away to embrace the great outdoors!

Have the kids go to a friends house and spend the weekend together in your home. Again, the important part of date night is for you to be together.

Finally, every two years go on a one week vacation. This goal gives you a great opportunity to work together to save up for a vacation.

Work with your partner to save the money and plan out the trip. The bond you will create will be stronger.

Furthermore, follow the 2/2/2 rule if you want to keep romance alive and remember the importance of date night. 

3 Date Night Ideas to Keep Your Romance Alive

couple researching vacations to practice the importance of date night
Date night doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Whip out your computer and plan a vacation together.

Plan a Vacation Together

Date night doesn’t have to be boring. Additionally, it doesn’t have to be something even overly romantic.

For your next date night try planning a vacation together. Pick a few destinations and the activities you would like to do there.

Look at travel blogs together and find out what you would need to pack. Use this time as part of the 2/2/2 Rule and set yourself up for a plan in the future.

If you create a vacation plan together you now have something to look forward to in the future.

Cook Your Partner Their Favorite Food

Want to really impress your partner? Cook them their favorite food!

However, I know what you might be thinking – there is no way you can make their favorite dish. Don’t worry! This is where the importance of date night comes in.

This is an opportunity for you to learn something new and really go out of your way to make your partner feel special. Learn a new skill for them and watch their face light up! 

However, nothing is more impressive than somebody willing to learn something new for their partner. This truly helps emphasize the importance of date night!

man feeding woman her favorite food to keep romance alive
Although cooking can be difficult, try to learn a new recipe for your partner and watch what happens!

Exercise Together

If you want to do something healthy together, plan a date night where you exercise together.

Going through a workout routine with your partner is something that is awesome. Furthermore, this shared experience will make you stronger and make you appreciate your health together.

Go on a run. Do yoga together. Lift some weights! Whatever you both enjoy together, try it out.

Additionally, if you want to keep your romance alive, you need to be healthy. With this date night idea, you can continue to build your health together.

Understand the Importance of Date Night

If you really want to keep romance alive, make sure you understand the importance of date night. Furthermore, it will take your relationship to new heights.

Additionally, you will be thankful you did it. When you continue to date your partner, your entire life will get better. However, make sure to keep some dates spontaneous. Everybody loves surprises!

Finally, know that your partner will be so appreciative of your effort. They will feel loved and you will truly keep your romance alive.

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