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Living Your Best Life – A New Direction And New Vision For Live Simple Now

It seems hard to believe that it was nearly one year ago when we were forced to take a break from our incredible one year Live Simple Now journey to see all 50 states of this wondrous country. But here we are heading towards March 1st of 2021. And has the time ever passed by so very quickly. It was March 12th when we decided to come home, and it seems like a lifetime ago.

We have certainly made the most of our time back on the farm. Part of living simple and living your best life is finding happiness in everything you do, and everywhere you are.

For us, when we arrived back, we decided to simply make the best of the situation we could. We certainly were having the time of our life on the road, and never imagined we would have to stop. But when it happened, we just turned our attention to something else we love – our family, our little farm, writing, cooking – and thinking of more fun ideas and challenges to tackle in the future.

We have never been two individuals that sit still for very long. Thankfully we share that passion. Many times in our life we have used the term “Next Up ” when talking about never complaining or feeling sorry because something didn’t work out the way it was planned. To us, “Next Up” means move on from what you can’t control, and put your energy and fun into something you can.

The Next Up Phenomenon

The funny thing is, more often than not, that leads to something even better in the long run. Especially if you always approach life with a positive attitude, and the energy needed to accomplish it. That was our exact thought as we wrote our last article “A Difficult Decision To Suspend The Trip”.

One of the clearings on the new property we now call The Forest. We figured it was fitting since we call our homestead The Farm, to call this getaway place tucked away in the trees The Forest.

So when we realized this was not going away any time soon, we tried to do just that. We started by tackling some fun projects here at the farm. And then in early fall, we found a little 20 acre farm near our current homestead and started to work on another dream of ours – a getaway space with small cabins, camping hookups and more.

We had a lot of fun in the late fall clearing the land to prepare for building on that dream early this spring. We even took our camper out and stayed on the property for days on end to do it. Talk about having fun again with the camper. We grilled out, made campfires, and spent the day doing what we love, working on trails and clearing spaces for future cabins.

All the while, we also continued to follow our passion of writing for our home, garden & recipe blogs we dearly love. We might not have been able to travel, but we certainly found a lot of joy in what we were able to do.

The Plan From Here – Live Simple Now

Many have written to ask about the trip. What we will do? Will we finish? So let’s tackle that question first. We are so thankful for the states we were able to take in thus far. So grateful for the experiences, people and cultures that we were able to see and spend time with. And there is no question that we want to experience the rest of the states.

Live Simple Now
The new property is heavily wooded, and we have already carved out some great walking trails. We really fell in love with trails and hiking on the trip, and wanted a space here to do that as well.

So with that said, there is ZERO doubt that we will travel to the remaining states and cross them off. But we have decided to do it in small segments now to allow time to do the other things we love as well. After all, to us, that is what living simple and living your best life is. Doing what you love, and enjoying the entire process all along the way.

The Future – Live Simple Now

For us, it looks like a three year plan to intermittently experience the rest as time allows. And in the interim – have fun with everything else we have always wanted to try or do.

For starters, we hope to turn the little 20 acre farm into a space where we can host folks from all over. And much like when we were on the road, enjoy their company. Even better, to host some annual events there. We also have launched in the last few weeks our Simple Garden Life Podcast. We have talked about doing one for years, and took the plunge. Are we ever having fun with it so far! Our weekly 30 minute segments really have become a fun way to talk gardening with so many from all over the world.

Our new weekly garden podcast has been so much fun so far. We are really looking forward to seeing what it has in store for the future.

Last but not least, and the reason for our article today, is that we have finally decided what to do with this website moving forward. And we are pretty excited to share it with everyone today.

Our Live Simple Now site has always been so special for us. It was born from 2 people following a dream. And we just don’t want that dream to ever stop. Along our trip, we met so many others who were living their dream as well. And in the process, living their best life, and enjoying experiences over everything else. But we also met so many others who longed to do the same. And, were looking for advice and answers on how to make it all happen.

An Idea For Live Simple Now

So it gave us the idea that perhaps this website could have an even better second life. One that tells the stories of others who have taken the plunge to simplify life and do what they love. Maybe it’s travel, start a new career, follow their favorite hobby or passion to a brand new exciting life, or simply find happiness in whatever they do.

At the same time, perhaps those stories would provide inspiration for others who want to take a more simple approach to life in order to Live Simple Now and chase their dreams and passions too. After all – isn’t that really what it’s all about! TO LIVE. TO EXPERIENCE.

Live Simple Now
We have so many incredible memories from our journey so far. And so many more to make in the coming years with more travel – and projects here as well.

Over the course of the next few months, we will begin to fill the pages of Live Simple Now with the stories of others who are following their dreams and passions. We will share their method and advice. And what it took for them to get there. In addition, we will also feature all kinds of helpful articles, tips and hints. All in hopes to inspire and help us all find ways to live our best life.

We wanted to reach out to all who followed along for two reasons. First, you might have a story to share with us that we can feature to inspire, or know of someone who does. And second, to let everyone know where we are going from here with Live Simple Now.

No matter what, we wanted to say a big Thank You to everyone we met along the way so far of this journey! Here is to “Next Up” and loving life for everything it has to offer. Jim and Mary