Cooking In A Camper – How We Create Our Meals On The Road. Day 42

Cooking In A Camper – How We Create Our Meals On The Road. Day 42
20 Oct

Since we have been on the road for 42 days now, one of the most frequently asked questions is how are we cooking in our camper and what meals do we prepare while on the road.

And I have to be honest, we have changed very little about how we cook while traveling across the country.

Ever since I purchased my first Instant Pot Multi-Cooker (Affiliate Product Link Here) several years back, I have rarely used my oven or stove.

3 quart instant pot
We would be lost without our 3 quart Instant Pot while cooking in our camper.

For those that aren’t familiar with the Instant Pot, let me give you a brief explanation of what it can do.

Cooking With An Instant Pot Multi-Cooker

Although it has several functions, one of the most popular uses is pressure cooking.

You can make recipes that typically take all day to break down in a slow cooker and make them in minutes.

cooking in a camper mashed potatoes
Mashed Potatoes made in the in our pressure cooker. Even though we don’t have a potato masher with us, we used a slotted spoon to mash them instead!

And that is a huge advantage when you are cooking in a camper. Because we are traveling on the road, it would nearly be impossible to use the slow cooker unless we are at a campground for a couple of days.

However, the Instant Pot allows us to enjoy meals such as a homemade Pot Roast or a Whole Roasted Chicken without it needing to be cooked all day.

cooking in a camper
We can even make true comfort foods while cooking in our camper.

Not to mention that the other functions on the Instant Pot allow us to make other quick and easy meals.

For example, we can use the Saute function to brown ground beef. With that we can make anything from Sloppy Joes to Tacos in minutes.

And because we brought our Ninja Foodi (Affiliate Product Link Here) with us as well, we can use the Air Crisp function to make all sorts of ‘fried’ and ‘baked’ goods. And I have to tell you that sharing our hot cinnamon rolls with fellow campers was a huge hit!

air fryer cinnamon rolls
Our Ninja Foodi multi-cooker allows us to fry and bake goods like these cinnamon rolls.

Stove Top Cooking

However, when we are camping without external power, we most often turn to other methods of cooking.

Although we can use our Ienergy Generator to plug in our Instant Pot, we typically use the power for our coffee maker, toaster, hair dryer and more.

Therefore, when we are boondocking we often use or burners inside the camper.

stove top cooking
Sometimes the best meals are made by throwing ingredients together on the stove top.

In our T@B 400 we have two gas burners that we can use to cook. If the weather is too cold or rainy we will pull out our skillet and make eggs, bacon and home fries for breakfast.

Then for lunch we turn them back on to heat up leftovers, such as soups and casseroles.

shelling popcorn
We even brought some popcorn from our garden so that we can enjoy it while we are on the road.

And we have even carried on making our favorite snack while cooking in our camper! Before we left for our trip, we loaded up several of our cobs of popcorn that we grew in our garden.

Although we have to make smaller batches, we still carry on the tradition of making popcorn in the evening for a healthy snack right on our stove.

Outdoor Cooking

But one of our favorite ways to cook while camping is outdoors. Although as of day 42, we have had only a few opportunities to do so, we are looking forward to doing much more of it as we continue to travel in warmer weather.

When given the opportunity we jump at the chance to use or cast iron skillet or cauldron over a campground firepit.

cooking in a camper outdoors
We love to cook outdoors when the weather cooperates. Here we cooked two steaks on our small, tabletop propane grill.

And when that is not available, we turn to our fold-able campfire propane grill (Affiliate Product Link Here).

I will never forget the night when we were boondocking at Little Moreau State Recreation Are. We pulled out our grill and made marinated steaks and diced potatoes for dinner.

One of the best homemade dinners that we have had on the road thus far. But I think the view helped too!

Happy Traveling! – Jim and Mary


  • Day 42 of 365
  • States Visited 7 / 50
  • National Parks / Monuments Visited : 9
  • Stayed In : Midvale, Utah
  • Miles Driven : 37
  • Total Trip Miles To Date : 5549.9
  • Total Gallons Used : 411.10
  • Biking Miles : 0
  • Biking Miles To Date : 109.6
  • Hiking Miles : 1.2
  • Hiking Miles To Date : 114.0

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  1. Great writeup, especially w the photos!
    Have you written a description of life in the teardrop yet? Small, just ok, great? Would be fun to know. -Bob

  2. Hello! And yes please describe life in the teardrop?. I envy your living simple tour! It’s a priceless experience to see our country that way!

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