A Final Day In Denver – Hiking, Biking, And A Denver Broncos Game!

Denver Broncos Game
13 Oct

As we prepare to move to the western edge of Colorado for the next few days, we spent our final day in Denver enjoying a few of their many incredible hiking and biking trails, and taking in a Denver Broncos game downtown.

The weather today was almost too good to be true. With bright sun and temperatures in the mid 70’s, it was a perfect time to enjoy the outdoors.

Denver Broncos Game
After riding our bikes in the morning on a long section of the trails around Prospect Park in Wheat Ridge, we headed downtown to catch an afternoon Broncos game. As you can tell, we were just a few of the tens of thousands that had that idea. What a fun and exciting environment to be a part of!

And outdoors is certainly where we were today – from start to finish!

Denver’s Biking and Hiking Trails

There is always at least one thing that surprises us about every new area we visit. And for the area surrounding Denver, there are actually a couple.

We were both absolutely amazed at how bike friendly and trail friendly this entire region is. In fact, it is nearly impossible to not find a bike or hiking trail as you head anywhere around the area.

Even better, it is awesome to see how many locals use them to their fullest potential.

The hiking and biking trails are full of beautiful views, all over the Denver area.

As we rode in the early morning on the trails around Prospect Park in Wheat Ridge, it was unbelievable to see how many other early risers were out as well.

With the beautiful Colorado skies and mountains as a backdrop, it certainly made for a great ride.

I think we could have continued on for hours more, but since the Broncos happened to be in town, we thought we would take an afternoon “break” and head down to the game.

Taking In A Denver Broncos Game

If there is one other thing that really surprised us about the Denver area, it is the impressiveness of their transportation system.

Denver Broncos game
Waiting at on a transfer at the Broadway station to head to the game. It was a sea of orange and blue.

We loved using it earlier in the week to see the city, and decided to use it again today to head downtown to the game.

And, it wasn’t just us that had that idea! The trains were loaded with Bronco fans, turning the rail cars into a sea of orange. It was really a sight to see so many fans using such a great system.

The best part of all, no hassles of parking, driving, or worrying about a long walk to the gates. It is really great to see a city that “gets” it.

Denver Broncos
What a weekend – taking in the Air Force college football game in on Saturday, and the Denver Broncos game on Sunday!

So how was the game?

Bronco fans love their team, and with the stadium packed, it made for a great game to watch. And a very lively and fun trip home on the trains after a big win!

Ending The Evening In Littleton

We spent last night in the Littleton area, and of course, there was another beautiful trail just a few steps from our location.

We ended the day with a little 2 mile hike, trying our best to soak in the incredible weather and sun up until the very end.

It is hard to believe that just three days ago, our bikes were covered in snow!

And now it’s on Silt and Grand Junction. Our last few days in Colorado will take us through the more of the rural side of a state we have found to be nothing short of breathtaking.

From the Rocky Mountain National Park, Pike’s Peak, to Boulder, Colorado Springs, Estes Park and Denver, we have loved Colorado!

Here’s to the final few days in Colorado, and on to Utah! Happy Traveling – Jim and Mary


  • Day 35 of 365
  • States Visited 6 / 50
  • National Parks / Monuments Visited : 7
  • Stayed In : Littleton, Colorado
  • Miles Driven : 45.5
  • Total Trip Miles To Date : 4692.7
  • Total Gallons Used : 350.20
  • Biking Miles : 7.5
  • Biking Miles To Date : 95.1
  • Hiking Miles : 4.5
  • Hiking Miles To Date : 93.9

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