Hiking The Rimrocks In Billings, Montana – And Yes, A Little Sore Tonight! Day 22

It might be a bit cold here, but that certainly wasn’t going to stop us from hiking the Rimrocks in Billings, Montana today.

Although there is as much as 5 feet of snow to the west of us in Montana, the Billings area is snow-free for now.

hiking the rimrocks
Hiking The Rimrocks – The trail at Zimmerman Park in Billings, Montana offered about every type of terrain possible. It was a great workout for us for sure!

In fact, the crisp cold air today felt amazing as we hiked along a beautiful trail at Zimmerman Park on the edge of Billings.

So good in fact, that we went for 8.1 miles. And guess what? We are feeling certainly feeling it in our legs tonight!

baby pine cones
There was beauty to find all along the trail. These baby pine cones were just starting to form, and their color was simply stunning.

Hiking The Rimrocks On The Zimmerman Park Trail

The Zimmerman Park trail runs along an area known as the Rimrocks in Billings.

The sandstone bluffs that surround the city and make up the Rimrocks are thought to be at least 70 million years old. About as old, coincidentally, as we feel tonight after hiking them! 🙂

hiking the rimrocks
Loved this quote from Buffalo Bill at the head of the Zimmerman trail. There truly is nothing better than spending time out on a trail hiking. The clean air. And the sights and sounds of nature. They can’t help combine to make you feel good.

All joking aside, it was actually an amazing hike and a great day. All along the trail, there are hundreds of little rock outcroppings that overlook the city below.

And each one gave a different view and perspective of the city and landscape that stretched beneath us. It was a great mix of open trail walking, combined with a bit of rock climbing as well.

bunny on the trail
There were no sightings of rattlesnakes or Elk on the hike, but we were greeted by this bunny who seemed not to care at all that we were just a few feet away.

More To See In Billings…

I love days like today. When you get on a trail and you simply want to keep going and going. The cool air keeps you refreshed, and you never know what you will find around the next bend, or when you climb over the next rock.

Billings actually has quite a few hiking opportunities, and we hope to be able to see a few more before we head out.

hiking the rimrocks
The view overlooking Billings below. As we were hiking the Rimrocks, there were hundreds of little rock outcroppings like this to enjoy the view below. And as you can see, you could look out for miles and miles.

One thing is for sure, we both can see why they call Montana “Big Sky Country.” You really can see for miles and miles, and it is all beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful, we also had the incredible fortune of visiting a hidden garden gem in Billings called DanWalt Gardens.

But it’s time for a little resting up tonight – so we will cover that in full detail with tomorrow’s daily update!

You can check out more on Billings and the surrounding areas at Visitbillings.com. And as always, if you have suggestions for us to see when we are in your neck of the woods – be sure to email us and let us know!

Happy Traveling! – Jim and Mary


  • Day 22 of 365
  • States Visited 4 / 50
  • National Parks / Monuments Visited : 4
  • Stayed In : Billings, Montana
  • Miles Driven : 20
  • Total Trip Miles To Date : 3290
  • Total Gallons Used : 243.35
  • Biking Miles : 0
  • Biking Miles To Date : 71.3
  • Hiking Miles : 8.1
  • Hiking Miles To Date : 50.2

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