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Naming Our Teardrop Camper – A Contest To Find The Perfect Name!

We need your help naming our teardrop camper!

It didn’t take us long to figure out that nearly every long-time RV owner names their camper.

As we ventured out over the last few weeks for a couple of camping trip test runs, we were surprised to find fellow RV owners asking us what we had named our Tab 400 teardrop camper.

State Park
We had no idea that most folks come up with a name for their camper, but we do now!

And sadly, we didn’t have an answer for them.

The thought of naming our teardrop camper had really never crossed our minds.

But obviously, after being approached no less than 5 times on the first few days, we certainly need to come up with one now!

Naming Our Teardrop Camper

So ever since taking those first few trial runs, we have been bouncing all kinds of names off of each other.

And, unfortunately, we just haven’t found one that really captures what this 50 state, 365 day tour of the United States is all about for us.

Naming Our Teardrop Camper
We have tried and tried to come up with a name – but to no avail. Now we are asking for your help with a little contest.

On one hand, it is about following our dreams and goals, and making them happen while you can.

And it is certainly all about that!

On the other hand, this trip is also about having the opportunity to see the sights and sounds of America, all while expanding our own horizons.

We can’t wait to meet folks from all over – including followers, friends, family, fellow gardeners, and many we don’t yet even know!

So how do you capture that in a name for a camper that we will call home for an entire year?

A Little Contest To Help…

So we thought we would ask for your help! And have a little fun in the process.

We need to come up with a name for our Tab 400 Teardrop that captures the spirit of this trip.

contest for naming the teardrop camper
We thought we would have a little fun with a “Name the Camper Contest”

The details:

If you have an idea for naming our camper, simply let us know in the comment section below, or email us at

Since we will be traveling around the entire country, we have decided to create a little reward for whoever helps us come up with the name we end up selecting.

For starters, we will include your hometown on our 50 state tour.

And then, to have a little more fun, meet up with you and a guest of your choice for a dinner ( our treat) at a local restaurant in your hometown.

naming our teardrop camper
From sea to shining sea, out trip will take us to all 50 states.

And finally, we will also include a signed copy of each of our first two books, and a first-edition signed copy of our third book about the trip when completed. ( And most likely, a little mention in the book about the event!)

It will be our way of saying “Thank You” for helping us name our travelling home!

So let us know your thoughts and help us come up with the perfect name!

We will reveal our winning choice with next Monday evening’s weekly article.

Here is to naming the camper! Jim and Mary

46 thoughts on “Naming Our Teardrop Camper – A Contest To Find The Perfect Name!

  1. Lisa Stith

    What a great idea.
    I suggest Charley as in John Steinbeck book Travels with Charley. It was about traveling the states.

  2. Mary Hill

    Calamity Jane: American frontierswoman and professional scout, known for her claim of being an acquaintance of Wild Bill Hickok and for fighting Indians.
    You may not be fighting Indians, but certainly forging a recognition of land, place and community

  3. susan Lindemann

    The ‘Dawn Treader’ from the fictional world of The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. It was a ship commissioned to be built by King Caspian so that he could sail beyond the Lone Islands and on to the unknown Eastern Ocean. A great adventure with friends old and new!

  4. Joyce Vann

    What a fun challenge. Music often inspires me. Your trip is from sea to shining sea. The song America the Beautiful came to mind. You could call her Beauty. It could be spelled Be@uty. Safe travels.

  5. Leslie Colopy

    The Minnow II.
    A take from Gilligan’s Island,
    The Professor and Mary Ann….. a new episode each and every day. Yours will Be far more than “a three hour tour”

  6. Caroline wallace

    Freedom. Represents simple living thru freedom from all negative aspects of daily stressors.

  7. Ted Cornett

    After the tireless, questing troubadour who penned:
    This land is your land, this land is my land
    From California to the New York island
    From the Redwood forests, to the gulf stream waters
    This land was made for you and me

  8. Lori Vidrine

    I think that naming your camper is a great idea! I think that “Toodaloo” would be a cute name as y’all will be on a world wind trip of a lifetime with so much to see and making new friends along the way! Have a blast on your upcoming adventure.

  9. Kristal Timm

    How about Gumdrop, Rollie Pollie, The Comet, Chrysalis, Iggy (short for Igloo), or Tad (short for Tadpole)?

  10. Karyn Furry

    I suggest you name it Liberty Card, or Elsie (L.C.) for short. Liberty Card is what you get to go off base for some fun when you are in the military.

  11. Jill and John L Herbold

    The name for your camper ought to be “Simplicity”. Now that was simple wasn’t it?
    Come visit us in Ohio and see our new Raised Row Garden. It is in the front yard of our brand new house in Yellow Springs.

  12. John Herbold

    Name your camper “Simon”. You will smile with humor each time you observe the reaction of people when they figure it out.

  13. Mary Anne Kubat

    Liberty! You have the time energy and freedom to visit and enjoy all the beauty of this great country! Come to visit us in Marblehead Ohio home of the oldest lighthouse on the Great Lakes.

  14. Terri

    Oops, I posted on NuCamps post on FB.
    I suggested Simple Simon, or “Simon” for short!
    Wishing you great adventures! Our record is 24 nights in our T@b so far!

  15. Debra

    “Muir Cabin” (As in John Muir, Father of the National Parks and Naturalist). I believe that John would have loved the simplistic beauty of the T@B trailer.

  16. Fred and Donna Black

    Being that it is a T@B most use the @ in the name. T0T@LY T@STY T@B might work for your new 400. By the way, we also love our 400.

  17. Melody

    Rudy (Rooty)

    By the end of your trip, you will have “rooted” yourself in all 50 states, by the sights you capture and the people you meet. A piece of you will be planted every place you visit.


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