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The Power of A Smile – The #1 Body Language Tip for Making Yourself & Others Happy!

One of the best, and easiest way that you can make yourself and others happy is through the power of a smile. Communication is not just about the words you speak. In fact, most of your communication comes through body language and this is why this simple body language tip can change your life.

Have you ever realized how your attitude changes when you smile? When your facial expression changes, do you notice a difference in how others perceive you? This is why body language is so important.

How your represent yourself through your body language can drastically change people’s perception of you. Furthermore, it can change your perception of yourself. Try out these body language tips to make yourself happier.

group using the power of a smile
There is nothing like a smile that brightens your day! Use the power of a smile to increase your happiness.

Why Body Language Matters

How you physically present yourself is most often a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself. It is estimated that over 70% of communication is nonverbal. This is astonishing!

Think about every conversation that you have. Most of the time we focus on the things we said or didn’t say. However, this should not be our sole focus.

If you want to really make a difference in your communication, focus on your body language. Of all the words you say in a conversation, nothing is more important than your body language.

Now this isn’t a new concept. In fact, a wise man once said, “Your body language is always talking.” Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Your actions speak so loud, I can’t hear what you say.”

This is a common theme throughout all of history. The importance of body language cannot be underestimated.

Pay attention to what your body is saying. As loud as your words might be, your body language is always shouting louder.

However, there is one body language action that stands out from them all – a smile! This is why you need to harness the power of a smile! 

smile body language tip
Body language is critical in communication and a smile is the corner stone. Make sure you are using this body language tip to your advantage.

How to Smile More – Harness the Power of a Smile

Just like any other skill, if you want to get good at it, you need to practice. Smiling is a skill. Put in the repetitions and you will get the results you want.

1. Practice Makes Perfect

Getting in the habit of smiling can be hard. However, if you want to use the power of a smile to your advantage, you need to practice.

Every moment you get, practice smiling. When you talk with somebody, smile when appropriate. On the phone with somebody, practice smiling!

The more you can do this, the better off you will be. Set aside time to practice. Schedule it in your planner, and make it a priority. Just seeing the word ‘smile’ written in your planner is a subtle reminder that will get you on track. 

While this might sound a bit odd to “practice” smiling, you will thank yourself later! The more others see you smile, the more they will sense your happiness.

This will make you feel better about yourself and others. Furthermore, you will be a happier person and those around you will be happy as well. 

woman in a doorway
A doorway can be a great trigger to remember to smile. As you walk through one, show off that beautiful smile!

2. Utilize the Doorway Trick to Use the Power of a Smile

Have you ever thought about how many times you walk through a doorway in a day? Odd question, right? Think about it for a second!

Every single day, we walk through hundreds of doorways. Bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways. There are so many doorways we walk through without even thinking about it.

Additionally, these can be used as a trigger to help you practice smiling more. With this body language tip, you will be on your way to showing off your smile without even thinking about it.

Here is the trick – every time you walk through a doorway, smile! Smile when you walk out of your bedroom in the morning. When you walk into the bathroom to brush your teeth, smile!

Every single time you pass through a doorway, you have to smile. Again, it sounds a little weird, but it will guarantee you smile more and it will become a habit to smile more often.

You will quickly realize how many doors you walk through because you will be smiling all the time.

3. Pass on the Smile

Every time you walk by somebody, you have a chance to make their day. By smiling at them, you can bring a smile to their face. Through the power of a smile, this will make you happy as well.

This body language tip capitalizes on the natural human instinct to be friends with others. We are social creatures by nature and if we smile more, we are likely to have higher levels of human interaction.

body language tip - spread the joy of a smile
Every relationship you have will improve if you smile more. Additionally, smiling is contagious – spread it!

Use this body language tip to pass on the greatness that comes with smiling. Spread the joy and love to others, even to those individuals that you don’t know, and watch your happiness grow.

Additionally, watch what this does for your mental health! You will be so much happier the more you smile. In addition you may make a strangers day better just by smiling at them.

The power of a smile can help turn a terrible day into something great. The smallest actions go a long way!

Body Language Tips for Happiness

In conclusion, if you want to be happy, use the power of a smile. Smile to bring joy to others. Smile to bring joy to yourself.

Additionally, use the body language tips outlined above to remind yourself to constantly smile. Furthermore, use the time that you spend passing through a doorway as a trigger to smile. Smile when you see others and watch the happiness spread.

Good or bad, body language is contagious. However, it spreads both ways. Both good body language and bad body language can infiltrate your mind.

It affects the way you think and act. So make sure you are using yours for happiness and smile.

Make sure you are the one spreading positivity and watch how it changes your life!

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