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3 Reasons To Sit At The Bar Of A Restaurant – The Surprising Things That You Will Learn

Most of the time when you go to a restaurant and find yourself sitting at the bar it is because you don’t want to wait in the long line for a table. Although most people don’t even give it a second thought, sitting there will actually provide you with some surprising life lessons.

There really are some amazing benefits of sitting at a restaurant’s breakfast or cocktail bar. And none of them involve alcohol.

If you can keep an open mind, listen and reflect a little bit, you too will see how sitting at the bar can be not only enlightening, but beneficial as well.

sitting at a bar eating alone
Sit at a bar for breakfast, lunch or dinner and you will learn to embrace being alone and learn some other amazing life lessons!

Top 3 Lessons from Sitting at a Bar

1. Get Comfortable Being Alone 

The next time you find your self alone and not knowing what to do for your next meal, go to a restaurant by yourself. Most of the time when people go out to eat they go with their partner or a group of friends.

While this is perfectly normal, what we want to do is put ourselves in situations that bring us out of our comfort zone. If you go out with others you’re going to be very comfortable.

However, in order to become comfortable in all situations, try going out by yourself. Although, some people might think this is weird and would never even consider it, there is a great value in getting comfortable being alone.

As humans we are naturally social creatures. One of our most instinctual desires is to be social.

eating a burger
Firstly, go to a bar alone! Just try it.

On the other hand, there is great benefit to being comfortable doing things on your own. This surprising life lesson can be taught by going to a restaurant and sitting at a bar or table by yourself.

While being there you learn to become comfortable being alone. Most people are hesitant to go out to eat by themselves. We feel protected in groups and very comfortable.

However, there will be times in your life when you have to do things on your own. Whether it is moving to a brand new area where you do not know anyone, or in your later years of life when you are living by yourself.

At some point we will all need to be comfortable being alone. This surprising lesson is easily taught by going to a restaurant and sitting at the bar by yourself.

2. Learn to Talk to Strangers 

One of the most surprising lessons you can learn from sitting at a bar is how to talk to strangers. Yes, striking up a conversation with somebody you do not know can be difficult.

Furthermore, we often do not know what to say or how to act with someone we are meeting for the first time. For many, meeting new people is difficult.

Talking with strangers and carrying on a conversation can be hard! However, the best way to get good at this is to practice.

By sitting alone at a bar, rather than a table at a restaurant, you are almost forced to strike up a conversation. Due to the nature of a horizontal seating pattern, you only have one person on your left, another on your right, and the server or bartender in front of you.

meeting someone new
Meet new people!

Strike Up A Conversation

By sitting at the bar it forces you to make that leap to talk to somebody new. The obvious person to talk to is the server who is taking your order. However, there are plenty of opportunities to talk to the people sitting next to you.

But how do you do that? It is easier than you think. You are both there to enjoy food or a drink. Simply turn to your neighbor and ask, “What are you eating/drinking tonight?” and you have a great conversation starter.

From there, proceed with the conversation and ask them if they are familiar with the menu and if they have any recommendations. You have now started a conversation with somebody that you have never met before.

By sitting at a bar you can learn to become more outgoing, even when you are typically an introvert. Although this skill will help you in your personal life, it will also help you in your professional life as well.

Knowing how to talk to people and connecting with them quickly is a life skill that goes well beyond your local restaurant.

Striking up a conversation is a great skill to practice. And who knew that going to a restaurant and sitting by yourself at the bar could help?

3. Get the Best Local Travel Tips by Sitting at the Bar

Now that you were comfortable sitting at a bar by yourself and you have been able to learn to talk to new people, now is the time to get some immense value out of that. 

Talk with the locals to get the best travel tips. Find out where the best locations are to go in town. Locate the hidden gems of other restaurants and entertainment spots in the area.

Furthermore, talk with people who have been there for a long time. You will be amazed by how much information these people have.

surprising lessons from sitting at a bar
Lastly, find the locals and get the travel tips. You won’t regret it.

Additionally, pick out the person who looks like a local. Find that person who appears who is comfortble with the server behind the bar and who is frequently chatting with others.

Often times these people will be the ones who will have the most information. They have likely been a resident of the area for awhile and will know all of the best spots that only the locals know about.

Even if you live in the area, you will be surprised at what others can teach about other establishments or things to do around town. You will be amazed by how much you can learn from talking with others.

All of the best travel tips are held within the 4 walls of a restaurant, and the best place to learn about them is when you are sitting at the bar. These are the people who know the area best and who can point you in the right direction. Talk to them! 

Sitting at a Bar Can Surprise You!

Sitting at the bar of a restaurant can lead to many positive life lessons. First, find comfort in knowing you that you can go out to eat by yourself. Furthermore, enjoy that precious time alone. This surprising lesson can take you far beyond the bar.

Secondly, talk to somebody new. Hear their story and listen. You could make a new friend or simply learn something new. Ask them intriguing questions and gain a new perspective.

Lastly, talk with the locals and learn some great local information from them. You will be surprised what you will learn from sitting at the bar. You may just unlock the best travel tips and locate your next adventure.

In conclusion, sitting alone at the bar of a breakfast establishment or restaurant helps you learn to be comfortable eating alone. However, because you are at the bar and not sitting alone at a table, you will be able to engage in conversation and learn all about the local area.

Try it and you will be surprised how easy it is to do time after time.

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