A Visit To Craziest Post Office & Courthouse In The United States! Day 139

crazy post office in Texarkana
25 Jan

Imagine a post office and courthouse building so crazy that it actually has two separate zip codes. Even more, that sits in two different states!

But that is exactly the case at the Texarkana U.S. Post Office and Federal Courthouse in Texarkana, Texas, and Texarkana, Arkansas.

The Texarkana Post Office / Courthouse
The concrete sidewalk outside of the courthouse displays the state line right down the middle. It is the only courthouse in the U.S. that is located in two states.

The building is actually built right in the middle of the state line between Texas and Arkansas. And it has been there since 1932 to serve the residents of Texarkana’s two cities.

The cities of Texarkana are certainly unique. Although divided by the state line of Arkansas and Texas, they are one community, but two separate cities.

The Same, But Different

They each have their own city governments, fire departments and city positions – but there is no mistaking the people here think of it as one big community.

The waterfall on one side of the Post Office and Courthouse that details the state line. If you look at the grates below, you can see the state names on each side.

The two states are split down the middle on State Line Road. And yes, you guessed it, the double yellow line in the middle of the road is the real state line!

The Craziness Of The Texarkana Post Office & Courthouse

At the end of State Line road sits the Texarkana Post Office and Federal Courthouse. And is it ever a sight to behold!

Outside, on each side of the building, there are unique markers to showcase the split. One one end, a state sign with the state cut-outs for the split. And on the other, a fountain that streams down the exact point of the state line as well.

the crazy post office in Texarkana
The coordinates for the state line of Arkansas & Texas outside the Post Office building in Texarkana.

It even continues inside the building too. The Federal judge’s chair behind the bench is actually bolted to the floor. Why? So he or she can sit with one foot placed equally in each state!

It is actually the 2nd most photographed U.S. courthouse, ranking behind only the U.S. Supreme Courthouse in Washington D.C.

Of course, we had to take advantage of the photo opportunity!

state line sign at the courthouse in Texarkana
The only time we have been in two separate states during the trip!

We joked that it is the first time on the trip we’ve been in different zip codes at the same time. And of course, different counties and states as well!

Our trip to the Texarkana Post Office & Courthouse certainly made for one of the more memorable and crazy visits we have had so far. Tomorrow its on to our 18th state, Louisiana!


  • Day 139 of 365
  • States : 17/50
  • National Parks / Monuments : 20
  • Stayed In : Texarkana, Arkansas
  • Miles Driven : 34.9
  • Total Trip Miles To Date : 15,492.7
  • Total Gallons Used : 1114.6
  • Biking Miles : 0.0
  • Biking Miles To Date : 158.4
  • Hiking Miles : 0.5
  • Hiking Miles To Date : 306.9

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5 thoughts on “A Visit To Craziest Post Office & Courthouse In The United States! Day 139

  1. When you’re going through Indiana and Ohio check out the city of Union that straddles the Ohio Indiana state line. They also have two police departments, city halls, fire and police departments. We visited the city a few years ago to adopt a puppy my wife found on the web. We had to first go to the City Hallmark store to pick the puppy, and they went to the back where they run a non profit animal shelter to get him and bring him to us. I thought it was an interesting place to visit.

    1. Thank you for the tip! In all of our years living in Ohio we never knew this. We can’t wait to come back and visit.

  2. Yes you can stand in both states at the same time. I love you guys pictures the way you did it. I have never seen the place where they have the waterfall with the line down the middle. I will have to have my brother show it too me. When I was a kid and in Girl Scouts they have a big statue right there also all the different ages of Girl Scouts (Brownie, Jr. Girl Scouts and the Cadets) would all stand there and sing Christmas Carol’s. It was really something to remember. I don’t even know if they still do that anymore and if not I wonder when they stopped. I am so glad that you were able to stop in my hometown. To bad I didn’t know when you were going to be there; I may have been able to make the trip down there to just give you some of these irises I have messaged you about.

    1. We didn’t get a chance to see the statues. However, there was a lot of construction around the building so there were barriers where we couldn’t see part of the building. What a neat tradition!

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