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Thanksgiving Dinner On The Road In California- Day 81

You can’t celebrate Thanksgiving without having Thanksgiving Dinner. Even when you are a few thousand miles from home!

Thanksgiving day finds us stationed along the pacific coast, in the quaint harbor town of Fort Bragg, California.

Celebrating Away From Home

We knew when we planned this year-long journey we would have to change up our normal holiday traditions.

Thanksgiving dinner on the road
We spent Thanksgiving in the coastal town of Fort Bragg. I have to say that we have never before experienced Thanksgiving views like this in Ohio.

But knowing it’s only a temporary one-year hiatus from our family and friends certainly helps with being away.

And, thanks to the convenience of modern technology, it also means we can always stay in touch. And today was certainly a great day for that!

With the time difference to Ohio (3 hours), we were able to spend most of the early morning and afternoon catching up with everyone via FaceTime.

The harbor at Fort Bragg is loaded with fishing boats, restaurants and little shops – and is bustling with life – even on Thanksgiving day.

It is certainly not the same as being there, but it sure was great to get to see and talk to everyone!

But at the end of our day, there was one tradition that had to stay in tact – having a Thanksgiving dinner. And we certainly found the perfect place for that down at the wharf.

Thanksgiving Dinner At Silvers At The Wharf

Thinking it might be a bit hard to create an entire Thanksgiving feast in the camper, we headed down to have our dinner at Silvers At The Wharf.

A couple of locals told us of their big tradition of a great Thanksgiving day meal, and were they ever right!

The food was perfect. And quite honestly, it was hard to beat the view of the sun setting in the harbor while having Thanksgiving dinner.

the harbor view at Fort Bragg California
The view out over the harbor from our table at Silvers. It was certainly a Thanksgiving experience to remember.

One thing is for sure, we need to get back to a little hiking to work it all off!

And we will get a great chance tomorrow while taking in Glass Beach and touring around the Mendocino area. We continue to stay on schedule with our Dates For The States, and should be on track for Nevada by the 11th of December.

Happy Traveling – Jim and Mary


  • Day 81 of 365
  • States : 11 / 50
  • National Parks / Monuments : 11
  • Stayed In : Fort Bragg, California
  • Miles Driven : 76
  • Total Trip Miles To Date : 8399.3
  • Total Gallons Used : 626.81
  • Biking Miles : 0.0
  • Biking Miles To Date : 142.5
  • Hiking Miles : 0.0
  • Hiking Miles To Date : 178.7


Saturday 30th of November 2019

Hey.. My daughters and I just seen you in Willits California ... You both had the most heart warming smiles. True happiness shinning through! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and best wishes on your tour!!


Saturday 30th of November 2019

Awww...Thank you so much. We are having the time of our life exploring our beautiful country together (even in the tiny trailer). We had a fantastic Thanksgiving spent meet new friends in Fort Bragg and now we are heading towards Sonoma. We hope you will continue to follow our journey to see where it takes us! Best Wishes....Jim and Mary

Nancy Sadewater

Friday 29th of November 2019

Happy Thanksgiving Jim and Mary. The restaurant gave you an excellent view as well as dinner.


Saturday 30th of November 2019

Yes it did!!! We were very fortunate. Happy Thanksgiving to you!


Friday 29th of November 2019

I am one knew to your travel site however find nothing her eon your camping expeerience. Which Campgrounds did you chose? How are you finding the camper to live in for extended periods? Etc. Am I missing something here?


Friday 29th of November 2019

Good afternoon Roy - We do create a quite a few articles on the camping experience over the course of our daily updates ( I.e. - the experience of living in the teardrop, staying at harvest hosts, creating meals in the camper, free camping places to stay along the way). But we do keep a lot of our daily updates about the actual places and people we meet along the way to share with our readers too. We stay in a wide variety of places, from off-grid, to small campsites, and even some of our readers backyards and farms, so that changes quite frequently. Hope that helps explain and thanks for asking! Jim and Mary