We are Jim and Mary Competti, and this is our story.

We have always loved to garden, cook, travel, write and create.

Those have always been and will always remain our passions.

But 8 years ago, we finally decided one day that we weren’t getting the chance to do those things that we loved nearly enough.

Like so many others, we were stuck in the daily grind of working traditional career jobs.

All in order, of course, to have the things and possessions you are supposed to have and strive for in a “normal” world.

But the funny thing is, all of that striving was keeping us from doing all of those things listed above that we loved most.

A Change…

Too many times, we let ourselves get caught up in a world driven by the need for things, and not people and experiences.

But life is short. There are no guarantees.

No one ever takes their last breath wishing they had worked just one more day. No one wishes that they had owned one more possession.

And at that last moment, no one wishes they had advanced just one more rung up the corporate ladder. 

What they do wish is that they had followed their dreams and passions.

And they wish they had taken the time to experience more. See more. Do more. And spend more time with the people they love more.

In a nutshell – to live with no regrets.

Following Your Dreams

It is amazing what happens when you simplify your life and follow your dreams.

You learn to live with what only matters. And you begin to realize that the only way you can ever be truly rich is to be rich with time.

The time to follow your passions and dreams.

For us, it led to finding a little 3 acre plot of land and creating a garden to grow our food.

It also gave us the chance to write and speak about it all through a website we created to document the process.

Before we knew it, we had a little chicken coop, an old reclaimed barn, a small orchard and vineyard – and two published books about it all.

It is amazing how simplifying your life and following your passions and dreams has a way of working out.

Mary and I finally retired from our “day jobs” this past year for good.

This fall, we will set out in our NuCamp teardrop camper on a 365 day / 50 state tour of the United States.

Why? To see and experience all of the things we love most. Backyard gardens,